Popular Jamaican comedian and actor Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay says Xtreme, a white UK-based deejay is overrated because of his race.

Shebada made the comments on his Happy Corner Facebook live post on Wednesday.

“The white boy come and sing and everybody ah talk seh him bad… bet if is an ordinary black man dem wouldn’t even (look) pon him,” he said.

“Mi nah kill him career and it look nice that a white man singing in Jamaican… we nuh seh the white boy nuh bad, but tek off him complexion and put him inna black, what him sing wheh the man dem inna the ghetto nah sing?” Shebada continued.

“Yuh know how much bad deejay inna the ghetto and cant get nuh buss. Unnu coulda neva go inna fi dem country and dem buss unnu. That’s why we sell out Air Jamaica and import green banana… Yuh can buy out Jamaican people easy,” he said.