Born Austill Henry and hailing from the parish of St Ann – Ocho Rios to be exact, he explored other skills such as playing football and electrical studies before embracing his real love – music which he recognized and was encouraged by family and friends from age 10.

Ruling under the Gemini, which main trait is ‘talk’ and ‘a great mind’ he is putting all that to his musical lyrics and drive to succeed. Zagga who has created his own musical style a fusion of hip-hop mixed with other genres of music inclusive of reggae and dancehall released his first mix tape in his early 20s entitled The Remix God, a compilation of popular songs remixed with his own flavour.

The mixtape was a success and enjoyed repeated requests on popular radio stations such as ZIP 103 FM, HITS 92 FM and IRIE FM. The mix tape also got over 2,000 downloads in its first week and received great reviews by disc jockeys, artists and fans. Zagga got a break when his good friend and a fan of his music Ruption of RD Studios heard a song entitled “Island Breeze” on Chimney Record’s “Island Vibes Riddim” via Facebook.

So impressed he was with it that he took it to producer Jordan McClure of “Chimney Records”. McClure was impressed and before long Zagga was discussing a management deal with “Chimney Records”.
With his signing on the dotted line, it saw him moving to Kingston to further his career.
“It is a good feeling to now have them as a part of my career, and it feels even better when I see the kind of people I’m around; good youth them,” said the artist of his management team.
Since then Zagga has released singles such as “My Destination” on the “Rising Sun Riddim”, “Remember The Days” on the “Chill Spot Riddim”, “Never Give Up” on the “Tropical Escape Riddim”, “Dream A Million” on the “New Game Riddim” and “Hold You Down” on the “Toll Road Riddim” which have been getting rave reviews and heavy rotation on the airwaves.

Zagga is also hoping to repeat the success of one of his earlier recordings “Change” which was released in November 2011 and gained the number one spot on a few charts in Europe.
Zagga who is also recording with other producers such as First Name Music, Markus Records, Cash Flow Records, Liv Up Records as well as Jugglers and Adde Prod out of Europe has been maintaining a steady presence in the local media circle such as TVJ and CVM among others.
He has also given an impressive performance on top caliber events such as Rebel Salute, GT Taylor Extravaganza and Cream of the Crop.

Last year Zagga enjoyed his first European performances with three sold out shows, making it a very successful venture.

After almost a month, he returned to Jamaica to begin the Pepsi Refresh Tour which began on June 6. This tour had three stops and culminated at Reggae Sumfest on International Night 2 where Zagga delivered a memorable performance in the Pepsi Refresh Hour.Earlier this year Zagga graced the US stage to rave reviews.

As Zagga tries to have his name among the musical stars, he ensures he is motivated by the words he lives by, “Never give up. Work hard and be patient, because what you put in is what you will get out.”